Media business

Advertisement opportunity in the KULTIK SZENTES Cinema

OnScreen advertisements

Advertise on the silver screen! The big advantage of the screened ad spots in the cinema is that the viewers cannot skip or turn it off, because the ads are visible right after the trailers, just before the movie. The audience has already sat down in their seats and pays attention to what’s happening on the screen. Thus the advertisement is exceptionally effective.

These ad spots are also can be seen on the TVs placed in the foyer. They are shown between trailers in random order, which means they are visible 2-3 times an hour.

The advertising material can be a video, or a simple picture with sound – 30 seconds in length max. We can help in converting the final spot material into a DCP file (this way it will be possible to be played on our projectors), but not in the making of it. We basically entrust the production of the spot material to our customers.

Our cinema is happy to help with assembling OnScreen promotional campaigns.

OffScreen advertisements

You can place your advertisement in printed form in the lobby, in the foyer, and the B1 (movie poster) sized poster holders found in the corridors. In our cinema, you have the opportunity to place standy and floor-, mirror- and glass decals. We entrust the creative preparation of the advertisement to you. However we are able to help with the manufacturing, but in that case, the cost of production charges the customer. There are additional possibilities for OffScreen advertisements, such as flyers, product sample sharing, tasting, or other hostess promotions.

 We are members of the Kultik Cinema Network, with decades of cinema operating experience behind us.

There is an opportunity to advertise in other cinemas of our nationwide cinema network.